11 Best Body Lotions for Mature Skin in 2024 to Minimize Creping, According to Experts

Editor Tip: Your hands are especially susceptible to heightened signs of skin aging, so keep them covered with Augustinus Bader’s The Hand Treatment. It contains TFC8 to promote skin softness and buoyancy as vitamin E provides antioxidant protection against free radicals.

Key Ingredients: TFC8, bisabolol, shea butter | Fragrance-Free: Yes

Best Affordable Body Lotion: Nivea Nourishing Skin Firming Body Lotion


Nivea Nourishing Skin Firming Body Lotion

Why It’s Worth It: If you’re on a budget, Dr. Shirazi suggests picking up a bottle of Nivea’s Nourishing Skin Firming Body Lotion. “This nourishing body cream is formulated with CoQ10, vitamin C, and argan oil, the latter of which is rich in omega fatty acids,” she says. Dr. Shirazi also loves its fast-absorbing, non-greasy formulation absorbs that makes skin feel incredibly soft.

Editor Tip: Though it provides intense moisture that’ll soften up your driest parts, its formula has a milky consistency that quickly dries without leaving a greasy film on the skin.

Key Ingredients: CoQ10, vitamin C, argan oil | Fragrance-Free: No

Best Fragrance-Free Body Lotion: Versed Press Restart Retinol Body Lotion


Versed Press Restart Retinol Body Lotion

Why It’s Worth It: Versed’s Press Restart Retinol Body Lotion has a lightweight, gel-cream formula that Dr. Shirazi can’t get enough of, but that’s not her only reason for giving this lotion her seal of approval. “It contains a microencapsulated retinol that enhances penetration and reduces irritation,” she says. To further counteract retinol-related irritation, this body cream is also infused with a soothing, moisturizing mix of cocoa butter, squalane, and vitamin E.

Editor Tip: This formulation contains a very minimal amount of retinol (0.01%) and is fragrance-free, so sensitive skin types shouldn’t encounter irritation—but, as always, patch-test before slathering just to be sure.

Key Ingredients: Retinol (0.01%), squalane, cocoa butter, vitamin E | Fragrance-Free: Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

Which signs of skin aging appear on the body?

As we all know, aging is a wonderfully natural process that affects every part of our bodies, including our largest organ, the skin. But before we get into treatments, it’s important to understand what’s happening inside your body.

Wrinkles and sagging skin

As you mature, your skin’s once-supple texture becomes more lax due to the loss of collagen, according to Azadeh Shirazi, MD, a board-certified dermatologist based in La Jolla, California. Collagen is the main protein that acts as the scaffolding for your body’s connective tissues, including your skin, and as you age, your body’s natural supply depletes. This depletion leads to the formation of wrinkles, crepiness, and skin sagging. “Crepey or loose skin, particularly on the abdomen, upper arms, back of the hands, and thighs, known as skin laxity, becomes more pronounced with age,” explains Dr. Shirazi. She also notes that the loss of collagen around blood vessels, particularly in areas with lots of movement, like the backs of your hands, can increase bruising without memorable trauma to the skin. “This is common on the hands and back of arms, known as actinic purpura,” she adds.

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