11 Best Body Mists for All-Over Deliciousness in 2024, According to Editors

Editor Tip: The brand recommends avoiding dabbing or blotting after applying the spray, as this can break down the fragrance and cause it to fade.

Notes: Aquatic accord, watery apple, raspberry | Available Sizes: 2.7 oz

Best for Hair: Moroccanoil Hair & Body Fragrance Mist


Moroccanoil Hair & Body Fragrance Mist

Why It’s Worth It: If you’ve used Moroccanoil’s aromatic hair oil products in the past, then you’ve probably been hoping for ages they’d bottle up their signature scent. Lucky for all of us, the time has come. Moroccanoil’s Hair & Body Fragrance Mist lets you bask from head to toe in a spicy, floral, amber veil. The spray also contains moisturizing argan oil and vitamin E to moisturize your skin and hair.

Editor Tip: The formula also includes a UV absorber (Polyquaternium-59) to protect your hair from sun damage.

Key Notes: Amber, magnolia, woody notes | Available Sizes: 3.4 oz, 1 oz

Best Hydrating: Glossier Body Hero Dry-Touch Oil Mist


Glossier Body Hero Dry-Touch Oil Mist

Why It’s Worth It: This quick-drying mist version of Glossier’s classic Body Hero formula has our hearts and our noses. This fine, luminous formula has all the benefits of an oil—hydrating, vitamin- and antioxidant-rich—but won’t leave any stickiness or residue behind. Grapeseed, sunflower seed, and sea fennel oils make your skin silky smooth, while an orangey blend imparts the heavenly Body Hero smell we know and love.

Editor Tip: Mist this product to slightly damp, post-shower skin for peak results.

Key Notes: Orange blossom neroli blend | Available Sizes: 3.3 oz

Most Versatile: Tom Ford Bitter Peach All Over Body Spray

Tom Ford

Tom Ford Bitter Peach All Over Body Spray

Why It’s Worth It: Something about the monochrome orange bottle of the Tom Ford Bitter Peach All Over Body Spray is so satisfying, but that’s only the beginning of its appeal. If you already own and love Bitter Peach Eau de Parfum, you’ll know the deliciousness of pêche de Vigne and blood orange infused with patchouli and davana oil. And if you don’t already know, this body spray is a solid way to find out.

Editor Tip: This bottle is designed to be sprayed sideways, upside down and right side up, making it easier to get to hard-to-reach places on your bod.

Key Notes: Pêche de vigne accord, Sicilian blood orange oil, cardamom oil | Available Sizes: 4 oz

Frequently Asked Questions

How do body mists work?

“Body mists are weaker in aroma strength than eau de parfums or eau de toilettes and often have less expensive aromatic essences in them,” says perfumer Mandy Aftel. Additionally, some body mists have skin and hair benefits that eau de parfums and eau de toilettes don’t. “Hair perfumes or mists usually contain hydrating properties like hyaluronic acid and other natural ingredients that cover odor, have UV ray protection, and give your hair just the right texture and shine,” New York City- and Columbus-based hairstylist Mia Santiago previously told Allure.

What is the difference in concentration between body mists and eau de parfum?

Cosmetic chemist Ginger King explains that a true eau de parfum formula contains 20% fragrance and can last up to 24 hours, whereas a body mist is usually limited to 3% and isn’t long-lasting. Still, body mists are perfect for a subtle refresh throughout the day.

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