12 Best Gourmand Perfumes 2024 That’ll Make You Smell Lickable

Notes: Matcha tea, bergamot, cedarwood, vetiver | Available Sizes: 0.5 oz, 1.7 oz, 3.4 oz, 16.9 oz

Best Nutty: D.S. & Durga Pistachio Eau de Parfum

D.S. & Durga

D.S. & Durga Pistachio Eau de Parfum

Why We Love It: Believe it or not, this pistachio scent was created on a whim and was intended to be a limited-edition run. However, after seeing how popular it was, D.S. & Durga brought Pistachio Eau de Parfum into its permanent collection and we’re so glad it did. The nutty pistachio achieves its delectable dessert-like scent by blending comforting notes of vanilla, almond, and cardamom. It’s so delicious that we even gave it an Allure Best of Beauty Award this year.

Notes: Pistachio, cardamom, roasted almond, vanilla crème | Available Sizes: 0.34 oz, 1.7 oz, 3.4 oz

Best Creamy: Commodity Milk Expression Eau de Parfum


Commodity Milk Expression Eau de Parfum

Why We Love It: Lactonic fragrances tend to dip on the warmer side of gourmand, and while we have several perfumes under that umbrella that we turn to over and over, Commodity’s take on a milky fragrance offers a refreshing balance. Warm notes of tonka bean and Mahogany wood melt the frothy marshmallow in this fragrance, only to be woken up with a splash of cold milk. It’s a striking sensation of cold and warm; almost as if you were to jump into a cold plunge, and then a jacuzzi—of milk.

Notes: Cold milk, mahogany wood, marshmallow, tonka bean | Available Sizes: 0.34 oz, 3.4 oz

Best Zesty: Hermès Twilly Eau Ginger Eau de Parfum


Hermès Twilly Eau Ginger Eau de Parfum

Why We Love It: Consider this a lesson in flirtation in a bottle. This fresh scent contrasts a bright peony and grounding cedarwood with a blast of ginger that feels invigorating, playful, and a tad bit like a tease. It wears beautifully on its own, but since the candied ginger is so unique and fragrant, and stands out amongst other notes. It also layers beautifully with deeper scents that beg for a punch of fun.

Notes: Candied ginger, peony, cedarwood | Available Sizes: 1 oz, 1.7 oz, 2.9 oz

Best Fig: The Maker Lover Eau de Parfum

The Maker

The Maker Lover Eau de Parfum

Why We Love It: The name of the fragrance is all the indication you need: This is a sensual fragrance with intricately blended notes. The scent evokes the magnetic bond between lovers, opening with vanilla and juicy—almost dripping—fig juice before evolving into a hypnotic blend of suede, cedar, and musk. It’s as attractive for the people around you as it is arousing for yourself—so much so, you’ll wish you could bite into it.

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