13 Best Arousal Gels of 2024 for Silky Smooth Stimulation

Editor Tip: If you like a lot of stimulation during sex, apply it to other body parts like your neck or inner thigh for extra thrilling sensations.

Key Ingredients: Aloe leaf juice, peppermint oil, vitamin E, hibiscus extract, green tea extract, sunflower seed extract | Compatibility: Safe to use with condoms and sex toys

Best for Travel: Bijoux Indiscrets Clitoral Arousal Serum

Bijoux Indiscrets

Bijoux Indiscrets Sex Au Naturel Clitoral Arousal Serum

Why It’s Worth It: While most of these gels are compact (after all, it only takes a few drops to be effective), the Bijoux Indiscrets Clitoral Arousal Serum is especially travel-friendly. It looks more like a mascara wand, so it’s easy to tote along on vacation or across town to your hookup’s house. While it isn’t a lube, it’s formulated with hyaluronic acid to improve hydration and lubrication in your vaginal area. You’ll also feel a cooling, tingling effect from Frescolat (a colorless liquid used as an active cooling agent) and vitamin C in this gel.

Editor Tip: A few reviewers suggest this product is gentler than other arousal gels. So if you’ve been overstimulating in the past, give this one a hearty shot. It is fragranced, so just be aware if you have easily irritated skin.

Key Ingredients: Glycerin, parfum, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, cinnamyl alcohol | Compatibility: Safe to use with condoms and toys

Best for Shower Sex: Lovability Bomb Balm Arousal Balm


Lovability Bomb Balm Arousal Balm

Why It’s Worth It: The Lovability Bomb Balm Arousal Balm comes in a tin that reminds us of a candle, but trust us, it’s way better. Peppermint oil and menthol heighten sensations while avocado, jojoba, and soybean oils team up to nourish skin. Just rub a dab of it anywhere you like — like the clit, frenulum, nipples, thighs, or anywhere else — for exciting sensations and softer skin.

Editor Tip: Because of all the oils in this formula, it doesn’t rinse away easily — so it’s especially perfect for shower sex or solo self-care in the bathtub.

Key Ingredients: Hemp seed oils, coconut oil, soybean oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, peppermint oil | Compatibility: Safe to use with polyurethane, nitrile, or lambskin condoms as well as non-latex sex toys (made with silicone, glass, or metal); NOT safe to use with latex condoms or toys

Best Drugstore Pick: K-Y Intense Intimate Pleasure Gel


K-Y Intense Intimate Pleasure Gel

Why It’s Worth It: Just a few drops of this water-based formula will provide intense waves of warming, cooling, and tingling sensations. One Amazon reviewer even credits the pleasure gel with saving their marriage, stating that they “are in the mood for it A LOT more than before” and are happier now. It’s also one of the more affordable arousal gels on the market, and if you just can’t wait for online shipping, you may find it at your local Target or Walmart.

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