13 Best Crossbody Bags for Men 2024: Better Than Pockets!

Sometimes you just need your hands to do things, you know? Enter the best crossbody bags for men, the sleekest way to store your valuables (phone, keys, wallet, etc.) while freeing up your digits to do whatever they please.

What makes a crossbody bag different from—and, we’d argue, slightly better than—a fanny pack or a tote? Unlike either of those, the crossbody derives its endless functionality from an adjustable strap that can be tailored to your length of choice and slipped on any which way you please—over the shoulder, across the chest, back, or neck. And despite its deceptively compact profile, the right one will shelter your sundry tchotchkes, doohickeys, and thingamajigs without weighing you down.

The Best Crossbody Bags for Men, According to GQ

If you’re looking for something with a little more panache, a sleek crossbody sling or a shoulder bag crafted from smooth, full-grain leather will get you from point A to point B in uncompromising style. If, say, you’ve already got a host of outdoor activities planned and need something that can handle a little roughing up, a messenger bag made from water-resistant, ripstop nylon might be the move—especially when said bag comes kitted out with a spacious main compartment to stash your most important gear (plus a decently-sized water bottle), along with a series of strategically placed zipper pockets to make sure nothing goes tumbling down a rocky void.

What we’re trying to say is: hands-free, easy access is the bare minimum your go-to carry-all should offer. If it’s not, which is why you’re reading this, it’s time to upgrade. Below, we rounded up 14 of the best crossbody bags for men, so you can finally say goodbye to silently panicking about where you last placed your AirPods (hint: they’re in the front pocket).

The Best Budget Crossbody Bag

Uniqlo’s absurdly viral nylon crossbody still tops the list when it comes to stylish, multi-purpose bags that overdeliver on carrying capacity. Big enough to fit your phone and keys (and a water bottle when you’re feeling thirsty), this lil’ water-repellent nylon number is a quintessential spring staple that won’t break the bank.

The Best Small Crossbody Bag

Don’t want to leave your phone unattended in a gym cubby—let alone on a still-sweaty treadmill last wiped down a week ago? Lululemon’s belt bag, crafted from a water-resistant polyester decked out with pockets and a handy 2-way zipper, offers a mercifully simple solution. It’s not the buzziest pick on this list, but it’ll get the job done with the legging juggernaut’s signature attention to on-the-go performance.

The Best Designer Crossbody Bag

Look, there’s nothing wrong with a nylon bag in a discreet shade of greige. But if you’re looking to accessorize with a little more Elordi flair, Bottega Veneta’s pristine leather cassette bag will keep your valuables close—and heads on a swivel. Is it basically a bite-sized purse? Yes, it’s basically a bit-sized purse. That’s what makes it so good.

The Best Crossbody Bag from a Bag Specialist

Your first introduction to Baggu was probably through the brand’s peppy reusable totes, but to no surprise, the buzzy bag-making gurus hawk a mean crossbody, too. Featuring a roomy interior with a zippered pocket on the outside (and an additional pocket on the inside), this no-frills riff can comfortably house your wallet, keys, and camera—and come out in the washing machine looking no worse for it.

The Best Scandalously Affordable Leather Crossbody Bag

Consider this your friendly reminder that you don’t have to drop a bag to secure a great one. Thanks to a whole lot of new juice in the menswear department, Madewell continues to churn out stylish wardrobe upgrades at prices that justify doubling up. This pure leather crossbody is no different—spacious enough to store the essentials, sleek enough to pass muster at the office, it’s proof that, when employed correctly, a little premium cowhide goes a long way.

The Best Crossbody Bag-Backpack Hybrid


Experiencing the great outdoors requires a little bit of prep–make sure you have everthing you need and then some with 8 liters of water-repellent storage close at hand.

Naturally, the outdoor experts at Patagonia know how to equip you for expeditions of any nature. Luxuriating in Mother Nature’s bounty requires a little bit of prep, so make sure you have the Atom sling’s 8 liters of water-repellent storage close at hand.

The Best Crossbody Bag for Travel

Porter-Yoshida & Co.

Ever feel like there’s just too much stuff weighing you down? Shed a load with this slim travel case that’ll free up your hands (and mind) to take in nature’s many wonders.

You know that awful pit in your stomach you get when you’re waiting to go through security and can’t find your passport? Here’s you solution: Porter-Yoshida & Co.’s sturdy-but-sleek travel bag, which boasts just enough space to store your ID, lip balm, and a pack of Juicy Fruit to help with the barotrauma.

Plus 6 More Sleek Bags Worth Your Torso Space


Arc’s waterproof riff on the genre features taped seams and a watertight zip closure to make sure your granola stay high and dry when the trails turn drizzly.


“Shema” Leather Slingback Bag

Ashya’s sculptural leather slingback is a work of art that’ll look killer framed against your waist.

The Row

Slouchy Banana Two Leather-Trimmed Canvas Belt Bag

Leave it to the deep-pocketed minimalists at The Row to make lugging around your daily tchotchkes look ridiculously chic.


The only croissant that could put carbs back on fashion’s radar.

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