13 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors of 2024 for Flawless Application

Magnification: 1X, 2X | Type of Light: Natural light | Size: 5.1″ x 14.5″

Best Wall-Mounted: Impressions Vanity Hollywood Tri-Tone Plus LED Makeup Mirror


Impressions Vanity Hollywood Wall Mounted Tri-Tone Plus LED Makeup Mirror

Why It’s Worth It: Old Hollywood meets new tech in the Impressions Vanity Hollywood Wall Mounted Tri-Tone Plus LED Makeup Mirror. This slim, LED bulb-lined mirror features a 5X magnification section and adjustable light warmth and brightness. You can hang it on the wall if it suits your room, or if you’d rather have it atop your vanity or desk, it has built-in legs. It’s classy, it’s pro, and it looks good everywhere.

Magnification: 1X, 5X | Type of Light: Warm, cool, natural | Size: 23″ x 19″

Best Tech: Fenchlin White Vanity Mirror


Fenchlin White Vanity Mirror

Why It’s Worth It: The Fenchlin White Vanity Mirror is sort of how we imagined everything would be in the future when we were kids. Sure, our skies aren’t filled with flying cars (yet), but it’s 2024, and you can buy a makeup mirror with a Bluetooth speaker on Amazon — and that’s enough for us. So whether you want to jam out to your Discover Weekly while you contour, catch up on your requisite reality TV while you curl, or call your best friend while you gel your brows, the world is your oyster with this smart mirror. By the way, the light settings and brightness are adjusted using touch controls embedded into the glass.

Magnification: 1X | Type of Light: Warm, daylight, cool light | Size: 11″ x 9.8″

Best Value: Conair Lighted Makeup Mirror


Conair Lighted Makeup Mirror

Why It’s Worth It: The Conair Lighted Makeup Mirror lands somewhere between no-frills and just the right number of frills. This rechargeable tabletop LED mirror is bright, attractive, and customizable, with three brightness settings and light modes. There’s also an attachable 10X magnifying mirror, which works well for tweezing brows or simply studying your face like the DIY derm you are. Who knew your pores had pores?

Magnification: 1X, 10X | Type of Light: Home, office, day | Size: 9″x 9″

Best Midsize: Hansong Vanity Mirror

Why It’s Worth It: If you want a Hollywood vibe, but don’t have Hollywood-level square footage in your bedroom, try the not-too-big-not-too-small Hansong Vanity Mirror. This mirror features 12 LED lights, 360-degree rotation, and a suction cup 10X magnification attachable mirror. It’s a perfect addition to a small desk or bathroom countertop. Straightforward, glam, and under $100? Sounds good to us.

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