15 Best Slim Wallets for Men 2024: Bellroy, Burberry, and More

The best slim wallets for men can do a lot of things. They can be the portion-control solution to an overstuffed-wallet addiction. They can slide suavely into a suit jacket’s inner pocket or your denim’s front pocket. And when they come out, they can be a quick flash of swag in a quiet outfit—even if yours isn’t filled with metal credit cards.

The Best Slim Wallets Shopping Guide

Though yeah, the real beauty of the slim wallet is in the limitations. No more hoarding receipts or carrying a loyalty card for every business in a 10-mile radius. When you can only carry so much, you realize what you need—and what you can do without. Suddenly your pants and your heart feel lighter. (And your back feels so much better.)

But a new wallet isn’t something you rush into. If you’re going to be carrying one of these slim wallets with you every… single… day… for years to come, it needs to nail the details—supple materials, quality construction, the right storage—and your vibe. Even if you’re just bringing a slim wallet on as backup for those nights you break out a suit jacket or those days you’re trying to travel light, it’s gotta feel right.

To make finding the best slim wallet for you a little less like finding a slim needle in a haystack, we’ve rounded up our favorites. Whether it’s a classy leather card holder, a svelte bifold, a minimalist money clip, or something else, you’ll get your money’s worth.

The Best Affordable Slim Wallet

Main Street Forge

Front Pocket Slim Bifold Wallet

It’s hard to find a slim wallet made this well and packed with this much thoughtfulness for under $50. The stitched full-grain leather creates a billfold with two card slots on the outside so that the empty wallet measures in at a half-inch thick when empty. Plus, that full-grain leather is the primo stuff that’ll stay strong from your debit card days into your Platinum era, softening up nicely over the years. All that, plus a made-in-USA pedigree for just forty bones? It may be slim, but it’s not thin on value.

The Best Slim Bifold Wallet: Ettinger Capra


Ettinger Capra Mini Wallet

For rehabbing Costanzas escaping their hoarder tendencies, this well-pocketed, extremely handsome bifold is a soft landing. The deceptively slim Ettinger features nine compartments: a billfold, six slots, and two slip pockets behind ’em. All that storage can come back to bite you—the wallet is half an inch thick when empty, but it’ll bulk up quick if you start piling in more than the basics. What won’t change no matter how many accounts you open (we know, the free miles are hard to turn down) are the top-quality goat leather and jacquard fabric pocket lining that make the Ettinger as luxe as it is lithe.

The Tough-As-Nails Slim Wallet: Secrid Slim Wallet

The Secrid is a wallet that’s hell bent on disrupting the wallet space. Inside you’ll find a slender aluminum case for stashing cards (with a push-button on the bottom to make them pop up, toaster-style), behind that a floating cash pocket, and then two card pockets sewn into the leather. It’s the type of wallet that you know can take a beating, whether you’re watching it tumble down a rocky outcropping or get run over by a bike after it fell into the street.

The Travel-Friendly Slim Wallet: Bellroy Note


Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet

Aussie brand Bellroy made a name with its original Hide & Seek wallet (which was hiding an expect stash pocket in the billfold), and the company’s only added to its line of simple-looking, impeccably made wallets. The Note Sleeve can hold a surprising amount of stuff despite the slim profile: inside you’ll find three quick-access card slots plus a pull tab for storing up to eight more, not to mention a notes pocket and a teeny coin pocket tucked into the billfold’s lining. (Though c’mon, don’t ruin your slim wallet or your posture for a few pennies—or pence.) The wallet blocks RFID readers, too, for those who expect the worst, especially on foreign lands. And now that Bellroy’s wallets are on Amazon, it’s easy to get A Note Sleeve wallet in your pockets even if your flight’s departing in a day or two.

The No-Frills Card Case: Tanner Goods Journeyman

Unlike some of its peers, Tanner Goods’s proudly American-made leather products aren’t wildly overpriced. The Tanner Goods Journeyman card case is made from vegetable-tanned leather that takes on a handsome patina the longer you tote it around, with a sturdy construction that ensures it’ll stay together long enough for you to see that process play out. Though it makes the wallet slightly thicker, we like that there are dual card slots on both sides of the wallet—it just makes getting to the stuff you use everyday, from your license to a work ID to your #1 credit card that much easier. And the Journeyman’s curved pocket cutouts do more than add a certain élan—they make pulling out those cards a little easier.

The Ultra-Sleek Wallet Alternative: Craighill Station Titanium Money Clip


Station Titanium Money Clip

There’s nothing more minimalist than a money clip. (Well, let us rephrase that while making eye contact with any guy using an elastic band to keep his cards and money in check: there’s nothing more minimalist and socially acceptable than a money clip.) Craighill’s titanium clip is light and sleek, and it’ll do what a money clip does well: clamp a few cards and a small wad of cash together. , with the least amount of material possible, this Craighill money clip is the answer. Besides the secret-agent black tone, it’s also available from Nordstrom in a silver finish or a bronze finish if you like your clip to glint just before giving the Grubhub delivery person a tip. (Remember: tip like they’re family.)

The Slick Designer Wallet: Comme des Garçons Classic Black Wallet

The classic Comme des Garçons zip-around wallet has become a cult favorite among style-minded folks, but it’s chunkiness and hardware make it better suited for those who can stash it in a bag. This leather billfold is the truly compact version of that GQ favorite—and it’s branded only on the inside as a reminder that, like money, you can have taste without waving it in everyone’s face. The wallet’s six card slots and cash fold cover all the need-to-have bases. And you can grab it in brown if your wallet preferences trend classic over cool.

The Ultimate IYKYK Slim Wallet: Goyard Paris Saint-Thomas Bill Fold

Goyard’s grail-level luggage and accessories predate those of even the great Louis Vuitton. As if the French brand’s signature tessellated Goyardine print (painted on the brand’s signature coated linen-cotton canvas) isn’t instantly recognizable enough, the name’s right there on the front. It’s the only advertising you’ll see from the historic atelier: Goyard doesn’t do ads, and though it haas a website, you can’t buy anything from it (or even see prices). To get the biggest slim wallet flex, you have to visit one of the brand’s physical stores. There are six in the states (LA, SF, NYC, CHI, Miami, and Dallas)—but it’d be much cooler as an excuse to visit Paris, non?

Plus, 7 More Slim Wallets We Love

Il Bisonte

Il Bisonte’s built a reputation for making a well-crafted slim wallet, but it’s the softly textured leather that makes it feel special.

Il Bussetto

Made in Italy from a supple veg-tanned leather, this space-efficient bi-fold has a cool contrast-color situation going on thanks to the undyed leather used on the inside.


Logo-Debossed Leather Cardholder

Navy blue: fine, classic, simple, goes with everything. This ocean-deep blue: cool, standout, destined to be complimented, goes with everything. (And the wallet’s got you covered with dual card pockets on both sides.)


Despite its low profile, this no-frills bifold from Nisolo still has six card pockets with added room for cash. Ethically-made in Peru, it’s also priced nicely enough that you’ll still have cash left to put inside.

Bottega Veneta

Intrecciato-Leather Bi-Fold Wallet

A basket-woven, buttery soft calfskin leather wallet dyed a moody shade of green from the leather gods at Bottega Venetta is how you let everyone know you’re picking up the tab without having to say so out loud.

Hender Scheme

Seamless Multi-File Wallet

Accordion’s not our favorite instrument (though shout out to Weird Al), but the accordion pocket inside this panache-filled Hender Scheme wallet is the smart way to stash cards using only as much space as they need.


Bridle Leather Bi-Fold Wallet

Sometimes it’s not the leather that dies on a decrepit wallet, but the stitching. No surprise, Filson built a beefier wallet by sewing together the leather with super-strong nylon threads.

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