15 Best Weed Accessories from Pipes to Trays in 2024, Tested

Upgrading your kit with the best weed accessories won’t just make your space look cooler, but may even help you get a little bit more baked than usual. Any hobbyist will tell you there’s a moment in time when you suddenly register that you’ve graduated from beginner status and need to level up your gear from the shitty acrylics you’ve been grinding with, or the damn-near-disgusting bong you’ve been taking hits from since college.

The good news is that green enthusiasts have a greater array of weed gear at their disposal than ever before—thanks to a whole new wave of high-tech and high-design accessories that can not only improve how cleanly your cannabis is burning, or boost its flavor, but also discreetly double as decor so you don’t need to stash it away. From designer glass bongs, potent (and portable) vapes, and one-hitters to tabletop goods like trays and lighters, these are 15 of the most stylish weed accessories that will take you even higher in 2024.

The Best Weed Accessories, According to GQ

There are more elevated picks to read up on, below, but the greatest hits are right here:

The Best Lighter: Tsubota Pearl Queue

Tsubota’s made-in-Japan lighters are some of the most beautiful in the market, and we’re giving its pocket version major props for its overall convenience. This slick upgrade has a slim, three-inch long body that resembles a high-vis cigarette. But for durability, it’s made of metal and works similar to a Zippo (using Zippo fluid rather than butane) thanks to a cotton wick and mini flint mechanism that creates a spark.

The Best Ashtray: Houseplant

If you’re already up to date on Seth Rogen’s Instagram, you know the man is a talented ceramicist. So while he doesn’t personally make each and every one of the ashtray sets from his smoking accessories brand Houseplant, he did design the original mold they’re based on. Its clay ashtray sits inside of a saucer—which doubles as a secondary ashtray—and fits snugly in the palm of your hand. There’s also a decently sized divot on the top to rest a joint in. The colors and texture are earthy and the notable weed enthusiast even throws in a small matching clay vase just because he’s that kind of guy. We really appreciate the notch on the rim designed to set a lit joint or spliff on, keeping the tip out of the ashes just in case you can’t finish it all in one go.

The Best Pipe: Sackville Crystal Ball

Pipes look a lot less like Sherlock Holmes-ean accessories and a lot more like art objets these days, which makes it a lot easier to store your glassware out in the open when your parents come to visit (this one can even double as a bud vase for actual flower buds). Sackville is one of many brands nowadays fashioning its weed gear into a variety of architectural shapes and sizes, and its Crystal Ball pipe is no exception. It uses durable borosilicate glass that sits in its own saucer-like tray for display purposes.

The Best Weed Storage: Tulip

Tulip’s smell-proof weed containers are aesthetically pleasing and will throw trespassers off the scent of the flower inside (though we’d, uh, still be wary about toting these into the TSA line). They’re crafted from food-grade plastic with a ribbed siding and come in two-packs that are available in three different sizes, depending on your needs. All of the containers are made to fit into Tulip’s stash boxes, including this limited-edition collab with Brooklyn-based artist Zander Schlacter.

The Best Weed Grinder: Brilliant Cut

Though it’s maybe not the best weed grinder for most smokers, Brilliant Cut’s stainless steel version is weighty, feels good, and busts brilliantly—enough to make it my favored upgrade choice here. The brand’s grinders are crafted with powerful magnets that help minimize potential jamming and allow for a smooth grinding process. There are a few options depending on whether you want a kief catcher on the bottom, plus your preferences for finish and precision of the grinding plate (coarse, medium, or fine). I opted for the polished stainless steel model for its matching visual brilliance, and ended up settling into the medium plate, which yields a perfect grain for joints and bowls. Matte is also available if you don’t want to worry about fingerprints and smudges.

Tested and Reviewed by Coleman Molnar

Courtesy of Coleman Molnar

Tested and Reviewed by Coleman Molnar

Courtesy of Coleman Molnar

The Best Rolling Papers: Paper + Ink

Paper + Ink

Gucci Swirls Rolling Papers

Ditch the boring old rolling papers for something with a little more personality. Paper + Ink makes a wide assortment of papers that are as eclectic as the weed strains you buy, made with non-toxic vegetable based colorings so you’re only inhaling the good stuff. Its Gucci Swirls papers are pretty beautiful and you’ll get lost in the colors once you have a joint or two in your system.

The Best Bong: Edie Parker x Paul Arnhold

Paul Arnhold x Edie Parker

Edie Parker’s roots in art and fashion run deep and have served the brand well as it’s entered its weed era. This psychedelic bong collab with Brooklyn-based glass artist Paul Arnhold is functional art in its highest form. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and hand-blown at Arnhold’s studio, which explains the lofty price tag. This one stands just over 16 inches tall and also makes a pretty nice vase to display those other types of flowers.

The Best Weed Gear Carrying Case: Burb

At first glance, this Burb fanny pack looks like a basic black waist pouch, but it’s been thoughtfully designed in Canada’s dankest city, Vancouver, with a bunch of unassuming features. The exterior combination lock (it’s set to 420 when it arrives) keeps precious cargo safely stowed, and inside there’s a removable smell-proof pouch and built-in spots for doob tubes to organize your stash. I’ve been toting this case around for over a year (sometimes—but not always—with cannabis inside) and can attest to the quality of the materials—the fabric still has its full luster. Expect to hear “where’d you get that,” and not just from canna-fans.

The Best Rolling Tray: Concrete Cat

You might recognize Concrete Cat from its collaboration with Houseplant on a limited run of rolling trays. Those have since sold out, but the Montreal-based studio is still hand-pouring one-of-one concrete trays (and all sorts of other artful tabletop designs) like this one, printed with the brand’s signature splattered Oracle pattern. Just be careful because rolling up another joint after having smoked one might get a little trippy when using this tray.

The Best All-in-One Carrying Case: Houseplant Carry Case

Leave it to Houseplant to make an actually good-looking carrying case for everything you need to spark on the go. This four-in-one holder houses a grinder, butane lighter, ashtray, and storage container, all in a discreet little package that no one would assume is for your weed habit. Just note that because this does include a lighter, you won’t be throwing this into your carry-on bag, otherwise some TSA agent’s going to have a field day with your gear.

The Best Cleaning Gear: Hemper

Hemper wants to make your life easier and your bong less smelly. Actually, every toker wants that. Instead of scouring the shelves of CVS for isopropyl alcohol and Q-tips, it’s created a mighty cleaning kit that comes with all of the essentials to keep your goods looking and hitting fresh. Because cleaning your pipes, bongs, and beyond isn’t just hygienic, it’ll also significantly improve the quality of your session and allow all those nuanced terpenes to come through.

For around $20 a bundle, you’ll get alcohol wipes and swabs, cleaning bristles, wooden tips, and hemp wicks. But the real MVPs here are the two types of swabs. One is dual-sided with a classic round tip on one end, and a pointed end on the other for helping to get into corners. The other swab has a “snap cap” that releases rubbing alcohol during cleaning.

Courtesy of Coleman Molnar

Courtesy of Coleman Molnar

The Best Weed Infuser: Levo II

The thing about the LĒVO II is that it works as well as it looks. This infuser has three customizable cycles, including Dry, Activate, and Infuse, and it works to preserve all of the terpy flavors during the infusing process, simplifying the way you make weed butters and oils. Use this to make the best damn pot brownies you’ve ever made yourself.

The Best Tabletop Lighter: Edie Parker

This butane colorblocked glass tabletop lighter from Edie Parker is easy to use and refill, and it’s the coffee table accent piece you’ve been dreaming about. Press the button on top and the metal cap pops up to produce a jet flame. I found this type of fire useful as a tabletop lighter because it ignites the tip of the joint quicker and with more consistency than a traditional soft flame that may lick up one side and cause uneven burning. It’s also impossible not to interact with this piece, regardless of whether you’ve got something to burn or not. Once your joint is lit and the lid is closed, simply lift the glass top and the bottom half becomes an ashtray.

The Best One-Hitter: House of Puff

One-hitters are discreet and can help control your dose better than your usual weed vaporizer. House of Puff’s clay one-hitter is one of the best-designed options on the market and comes in a bunch of different colorways. The instruction manual is similarly minimal: Pack in your ground flower, light, and puff gently.

The Best Portable Weed Vape: Storz & Bickel Crafty+

The makers of the original vaporizer, The Volcano, know you don’t just want to get high at home. The world is big, and the Crafty+ is designed to get out in it. The handheld device uses a hybrid heating method and a ceramic-lined oven for thick and flavorful vapor. I recently tested it against other leading dry herb vapes and found it durable, easy to charge thanks to a USB-C port, and consistently the top portable option for high-terp strains that are best enjoyed at lower temperatures.

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