7 Best Powder Puffs of 2024 for Baking Without Caking

Editor Tip: The puff pairs perfectly with the One/Size Ultimate Blurring Setting Powder, one of the brand’s best sellers.

Material: Cotton | Best For: Flat areas

Best Drugstore Powder Puff: E.L.F. Halo Glow Powder Puff


E.L.F. Halo Glow Powder Puff

Why It’s Worth It: Another machine-washable option, this fluffy little E.L.F. Halo Glow Powder Puff helps powder go on soft every time. At a cheap and cheerful $4, you can’t go wrong. Use the pointed tip to press powder onto your undereyes and the wider bottom side for larger areas like your cheeks and chin.

Editor Tip: E.L.F. sells a mini version of this puff in a three-piece set if you want even more precision as you powder.

Material: Velour | Best For: All-over use

Best Vegan Powder Puff: Sephora Collection Velour Makeup Powder Puff

Sephora Collection

Sephora Collection Velour Makeup Powder Puff

Why It’s Worth It: Once again, Sephora Collection is here to save the day—and your wallet. The line’s Velour Powder Puff is all business, no chalkiness. This durable, velvety puff works well to mattify, blur the appearance of pores, and smooth product, and is ideal for touch-ups throughout the day. It’s on the larger side—about palm-sized—so you get nice face powder coverage but still all of the benefits of the precise, pointed tip. Users also like how the black material makes it easy to see how much product you’re distributing.

Editor Tip: Fold the puff in half for more size customization as you powder.

Material: Velour | Best For: Matte powders, on cheeks and forehead

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a powder puff?

There are instances where you can use a powder puff and a traditional blush interchangeably, but according to makeup artist Tobi Henney, using a powder puff can benefit your beauty routine. “A powder puff will press the powder into the skin and blur any shine and imperfections. It also helps with the longevity of the makeup,” says Henney. Makeup artist Kirin Bhatty agrees, telling Allure, “A powder puff is great because it lets you apply product directly to the skin without any fallout that can occur with a brush. It’s also a great tool for setting makeup.”

How are powder puffs different than makeup brushes?

While the differences between brushes and powder puffs may seem negligible, they can affect your makeup’s final result and help with ease of application. “[Brushes and powder puffs] serve different purposes—as puffs are able to pack on product and also absorb shine, while brushes are designed to diffuse while you apply,” says Bhatty. “You can be super targeted with using a powder puff and focus on small areas easily, like under the eyes and sides of the nose,” Henney adds.

How should I choose a powder puff?

When it comes to choosing a powder puff, you have many options. Available in various materials, start by considering which feels and textures you prefer on your skin. Additionally, think about how you plan to use the powder puffs. “I always prefer the kinds made of velour,” says Bhatty. “For undereyes, choose a puff with a triangular point on one end. For shine, a round traditional puff is great–you can also roll it into a taco shape to apply product alongside the nose or anywhere else you need a little extra product,” she continues. Bhatty adds that she likes to use an extra large, round puff for bronzer and highlighter.

Meet the experts

  • Tobi Henney, a bi-coastal makeup artist who works with celebrities like Barbara Palvin, Emma Roberts, and more
  • Kirin Bhatty, a bi-coastal makeup artist who works with celebrities like Jenny Slate, Mckenna Grace, and more

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Before reviewing any makeup, we ask questions about a number of factors: What ingredients are in it? Does the brand offer a wide shade range inclusive of consumers with all skin tones and undertones? Is it safe for readers who have sensitive skin or wear contact lenses? Is it on the affordable side or more of a splurge? Is its packaging consciously designed or needlessly wasteful?

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