9 Best Fisherman Sandals 2024: Let Your Feet Breathe in Style

Even a year ago, trawling the web for the best fisherman sandals money can buy would’ve been a tough, thankless task. The strappy leather silhouette might’ve originated on the Mediterranean coast, but it had long since been co-opted by plodding tourists and dads on vacation. And then, last summer, all of that changed.

The Best Fisherman Sandals, According to GQ

Fisherman sandals started cropping up in a litany of unexpected places: on runways, in lookbooks, on guys in big shirts loitering outside small bars. The fisherman sandal had officially crossed the rubicon into fashion territory, buoyed (sorry) by newfangled riffs from old-school cobblers and upstart brands alike.

Is menswear’s renewed appreciation for the fisherman sandal a byproduct of a broader return to elegance? An offshoot of eclectic grandpa style? A means of indulging in Gen Z’s idealized vision of the endless “European summer”? A bizarro mix of all three? At the end of the (long, sun-dappled) day, it doesn’t really matter. All that really matters is how killer the silhouette looks right this very second, dressed up—with crisp pleated chinos and tropical wool trousers—or down, with thigh-skimming khaki shorts and faded jeans.

Ready to drop anchor (sorry again) on the hottest shoe of the warmest season? We rounded up nine of the best fisherman sandals around to help you do exactly that.

The Best Fisherman Sandals Overall

Surprise, surprise: Vinny’s, the young Danish brand making hard-bottoms for the next wave of loafer lovers, also makes an extremely versatile fisherman sandal. Vinny’s’ riff on the silhouette is crafted from waterproof polido leather (to keep your dogs protected on ambling strolls around the boardwalk), anchored by a rubber-injected outsole (to ensure said walks are long, leisurely, and entirely blister-free). Like the other options below it, this classic buckle-adorned style harnesses the fisherman sandal’s right-now energy by leaning into its wold-wold pedigree—which means it’ll look just as righteous with high-waisted chinos as it will heel-bitten jeans.

The Best Scandalously Affordable Fisherman Sandals

When we first stumbled across Gianluca l’Artigiano del Cuoio (hereafter “GLDC”) on Amazon last summer, our deals radar went haywire. What business, pray tell, did a small-batch Florentine shoemaker have competing for digital aisle space with patio furniture—no matter how handsome—and water flossers? A whole lot, it turns out. GLDC’s fisherman sandals are crafted from the type of full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather that tends to cost quadruple their $135 price. “Unlike top grain or so-called ‘genuine’ leather,” GQ’s Gerald Ortiz noted then, “full-grain leather isn’t sanded down or heavily processed to hide imperfections—it doesn’t just yield a better-looking product, it yields a longer-lasting one, too.” All of which makes these the best bang-for-your-buck fisherman sandals on the market right now, and a testament to the ‘Zon’s surprisingly deep selection of wardrobe gems—provided you know where to look.

The Best Fisherman Sandals from Your Childhood

It shouldn’t come as much of a shock that Melissa’s quintessential jelly sandal re-entered the zeitgeist last summer, too. If you vaguely remember strapping into a pair on the summer vacations of your youth, now’s a great time to reacquaint yourself with the style. The eco-minded Brazilian label’s flagship product is comfortable and durable, available in every color under the rainbow, and costs less than a single Benjamin. If you’re looking for a fisherman sandal that won’t break the bank—but will tickle your nostalgia bone—start here.

The Best Fisherman Sandals for a Trip to the Mediterranean

Daydreaming about white sand and blue water? Short of forcing your boss to approve that PTO, recommending Hereu’s Spanish-made Pesca sandals is the best we can do. Handcrafted from buffed calfskin anchored by an especially cushy footbed, the Pesca is a day-to-night shoe designed for lazy days and boozy nights. Go all in on the European summer cosplay and wear it with a nubby linen set, or steer the vibes back across the Atlantic with faded all-American denim. Buy ’em now and the warm-weather adventures will follow.

The Best Fisherman Sandals for Eclectic Grandpas

Paraboot’s fisherman sandals are so good they clinched a spot on GQ’s inaugural All-Stars list. How, you might ask, did the vaunted French brand pull it off? Simple: by imbuing an old-school silhouette with details the grandkids can appreciate. Sure, the stark white leather would be enough to warrant mention here, but what really piqued our interest is that chunky ridged sole, a flourish typical of Paraboot’s sneaky-comfy lace-ups. Not sure how to style them? Ask your grandpa.

The Best Fisherman Sandals for Deep-Pocketed Minimalists

Some people pay big bucks to look low-key. If you worship at the altar of Ashley and Mary-Kate’s exquisitely pared-down menswear, The Row’s refined take on the fisherman sandal is sure to fit your not-a-factor bill. With its slightly squared-off toe and lightweight crepe sole, it’ll look swell moseying around your beachfront Hamptons estate—and just as cool opening your first gallery downtown.

The Best Fisherman Sandals for the Poolside Cabana

The surest way to kill a warm-weather vibe? Getting caught in a sudden downpour with your swankiest leather kicks on. Enter Prada’s rubber sandals, a waterproof riff on the classic fisherman silhouette purpose-built for foul-weather flexing. (The extra-grippy sole ensures your vibe isn’t cut short with an unceremonious slip ‘n slide down the block, either.) They’re not the cheapest sandals on this list, but compared to the brand’s ultra-slick—and ultra-coveted—nylon wares, we’d consider them a bona fide steal.

The Best Fisherman Sandals for Meeting the In-Laws

Since 1873, the venerable cobblers at Church’s have traded in footwear fit for a king—or his modern-day equivalent. (As Prime Minister, Tony Blair famously wore the same pair of Church’s brogues to every Parliament Q&A.) So it follows that the shoemaker’s Nevada sandals are about as grown-up as the style gets—an ultra-polished, calfskin-leather take on the otherwise leisurely silhouette. When the mere thought of loafers is enough to give you heat stroke but sneakers are out of the question, buckle these suckers up and never look back.

The Best Almost-Fisherman Sandals

Not all fisherman sandals take the source material so literally. Bottega Veneta’s fisherman-esque slingback leans on the brand’s trademark intrecciato weaving technique to transform the erstwhile mariner classic into a righteous fashion flex. Under red-hot designer Matthieu Blazy, the Italian powerhouse’s electric-hued shoes have caused a frenzy of chatter; the Alfie is a timely reminder that BV doesn’t even need ’em to concoct a killer It shoe.

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