Aries Horoscope May 2024: Read Your Monthly Predictions

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Happy May, Aries. There are some stormy moments this month, but overall, the vibes are absolutely excellent for making your dreams come true. Your theme for May is networking and manifesting results primarily in your professional life. During April, your horoscope warned of an eclipse that, while it may have been super cool to observe passing in the sky, left you feeling on edge. While there are no eclipses this month, the sun does enter infamous Gemini, a chatty sign that is great at helping you get ahead but can also overwork you.

Your friends are your bedrock. However, beware of some potential weirdness within your social circle when transformative Pluto goes retrograde in Aquarius on Thursday, May 2. This transit could reopen old wounds and stir up unresolved fights. However, your ruling planet, warrior Mars, forms a sextile (a harmonious aspect between planets that helps you problem solve) with Pluto on Friday, May 3. While the vibe may be stressful, this alignment also promises growth through challenge. You’ll be proud of yourself as the stars push you to harness your innate courage.

On Tuesday, May 7, there’s a new moon in Taurus, which offers you a chance to get ahead at work. In these unpredictable times, it’s obviously impossible to promise any money, but we can tell you which days look beneficial. Use this date to send off your pitches, proposals, or even requests for a raise. Your efforts receive further star support on Wednesday, May 15, when messenger Mercury moves into Taurus, enhancing your ability to articulate your desires effectively.

Prepare to feel slightly unnerved on Friday, May 17, when Mercury squares Pluto. This transit may introduce some tension, particularly around financial negotiations or plans. Approach these matters with patience and strategic thinking. This doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get what you want, but it does mean that you might have to wait a little bit longer for your efforts to pay off.

Don’t let that dampen your ambition. As the sun moves into Gemini on Monday, May 20, marking the start of Gemini season, the spotlight shifts towards negotiation and networking. The weeks ahead are ripe for making deals that propel you forward, enhancing your professional and creative dreams, whether you’re looking to step back from work to focus on your family or write your debut novel. Further helping your cause, Wednesday, May 22 presents a stellar day for asserting your needs as the sun in Gemini forms a trine with Pluto. This powerful aspect invites transformative collaborations, offering you the chance to leverage your influence. For instance, if you want time off to rest or even have a baby, you’ll be able to communicate this to effectively your higher-ups. And if you want more creative freedom or a bigger paycheck, you’ll remember that you absolutely deserve it.

The full moon on Thursday, May 23, in optimistic Sagittarius, casts its glow on your 9th House of Philosophy, prompting a deep dive into existential inquiries. If you find yourself pondering life’s bigger questions or feeling the need to withdraw, honor that desire and take it easy around this date. This lunar phase is also a time of fruition, where you finally start to see some results for those intentions set during the new moon phase.

Adding to the month’s cosmic dynamics, sweet Venus enters Gemini on the same day, Thursday, May 23, blessing the final week of May with potential surprises in love and finances. With Gemini’s curious energy at play, be open to unexpected delights—whether it’s a serendipitous match in love or a sudden financial windfall. Anything can happen during Gemini season, Aries. Go ahead and be a little delulu.

Important dates in May 2024:

Thursday, May 2: Pluto goes retrograde in Aquarius
Tuesday, May 7: New moon in Taurus
Tuesday, May 14: Ceres goes retrograde in Capricorn
Wednesday, May 15: Mercury enters Taurus
Thursday, May 16: Pallas retrograde enters Scorpio
Monday, May 20: Sun enters Gemini
Thursday, May 23: Full moon in Sagittarius
Thursday, May 23: Venus enters Gemini

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