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Equally important, the company has a reputation for solid construction, which sets it apart from most furniture brands in this price range. Acacia wood can and will fade over time, but it’s solidly weather resistant (though you might want to store the or cover it if your winters get rough).

The Best Extended Patio Dining Set: Cozyman


7-Piece Outdoor Patio Dining Set

A host-worthy dining set like this one—with its six chairs and a table—means you can focus on keeping the pinot noir pouring instead of cobbling together enough folding chairs, lawn chairs, and kitchen chairs to get everyone seated. A slightly small table means there’s more elbow room for four, but at least you’ve got backup. The HDPS composite material won’t fade, rot, or warp like cheap wood outdoor furniture, and should hold up well under UV rays and rain. Heads-up that there’s no patio umbrella hole—though it’s only a drill bit and a couple measurements away if you trust yourself.

The Best Loveseat: Christopher Knight Home “Alina” Loveseat Set

Christopher Knight Home

“Alina” Outdoor Loveseat Set with Coffee Table

Fun fact: the Christopher Knight who owns this company is also the one who played Peter on the original Brady Bunch. That has nothing to do with why we chose this loveseat-and-table duo, but it’ll give you something to talk about at your next backyard soiree.

Turns out the child actor-turned-affordable furniture kingpin knows what he’s doing: his company made that bistro set above, one of the best outdoor sofas, and this compact loveseat-and-table combo for patios where space is a premium. The materials are simple—acacia wood and polyester cushion covers but our reviewer’s owned a similar seat from Christopher Knight for four years, and it’s still going strong. Though note that the cushions are water-resistant not waterproof—you’ll want to stash them somewhere dry when they’re not in use to keep your butt dry and your cushions mold-free.

The Best Side Table: Grand Patio Steel Side Table

Are you putting together a charming outdoor reading nook? We love the look of this adorably straightforward side table, which reviewers say is a snap to put together and won’t wobble and lean (thanks to the criss-cross base with plastic feet). The powder-coated steel frame will resist rusting and UV damage, but only supports up to 50 pounds—don’t let your guests mistake it for a seat. We’re partial to the baby blue finish, but there are nine other colors available, from poppy red and sunshine yellow to more low-key options like pistachio and white.

The Best Outdoor Chaise: Safavieh “Newport” Chaise Lounge Chair


Newport Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair

Among the countless chaise loungers sold on Amazon, the Newport is a diamond in the rough thanks to some quality-of-life details. It’s made from solid eucalyptus wood (which is naturally weather and water-resistant) and comes with foam cushions that tie down to the frame. But really it’s the built-in side table—perfectly sized for holding a book and your morning coffee, or a book and a margarita—that earned our appreciation. According to Amazon buyers, the wheels tend to go south over time, so be gentle wheeling it around if you’re chasing the sun.

The Best Lawn Chair: Lawn Chair USA Webbed Folding Chair

Lawn Chair USA

Webbed Aluminum Folding Chair

Half of menswear is recreating your your grandfather’s style right now, so might as well lean into your “Get off my lawn!” phase with this retro folding chair. As you might have guessed from the name, Lawn Chair USA makes classic webbed lawn chairs with a vintage aesthetic. We’re partial to the white-yellow-emerald webbing pictured above, but there are dozens more color combinations to pick from. These aluminum chairs are lightweight and portable enough to take the beach, or you can buy a bunch and host the neighborhood backyard barbecue of your dreams. Just don’t forget the cooler of Bud and sparklers (you know, for the kids).

The Best Adirondack Chair: Polywood Curveback chair


Curveback Adirondack Chair

If you want a heritage-quality, hand-crafted Adirondack chair, then get in the car and head to Amish country. But if you’re okay sacrificing artisanal construction and real wood for hard-wearing, splinter-free plastic, then you’ll be happy parking your ass in this Amazon-dirondack. It’s even got a little design flair, with three wide slats forming the backrest—plus a contoured seat to keep your butt from falling asleep half-way through your “Summer Vibes” playlist. In addition to the durable HDPE it’s made from, the chair’s marine-grade hardware won’t rust and fall apart after the rainy season. This chair comes in a 13 colors (some, frankly, a little more garish than others).

The Best Outdoor Table: Furinno Tioman table

The manufacturer is based in Texas—but don’t let that stop you from pronouncing the name with an aggressive Italiano accent when your guests ask about your handsome new patio table. It’s made from solid Meranti wood, then finished with teak oil for added weather resistance. At 35.5″ wide by 59″ inches long (basically 3 feet by 5 feet), it’s not a big table. But you can grab matching benches, or a square version (35″ by 35″), if that’s more your speed. Now where did you put that bottle of montepulciano?

How we chose these products

Searching for the best patio furniture sets on Amazon isn’t easy, for a variety of reasons. First, the sheer number of options is surprising even for the everything store. On top of that, this product category has a penchant for lots of fragile wicker and rattan construction and tacky designs that we wouldn’t, in good conscience, recommend. Many Amazon products in this category are poorly reviewed—sometimes because of genuine quality issues, sometimes because of high expectations that don’t entirely align with buying, well, patio furniture on Amazon. To pick out the best GQ-worthy outdoor furniture for your patio, we had to check reviews and take them with a grain of salt.

Because this is GQ, style is always one of our primary factors when recommending a product. We wanted to find furniture that was equally functional and fashionable. And since we want it to stay that way, we heavily weighted the materials used in the patio furniture, favoring products made from solid wood or metals like painted iron and aluminum. We particularly prioritized furniture made from acacia, eucalyptus, or similar hardwoods with natural weather resistance.

About the author: Timothy Beck Werth is an experienced journalist, editor, and product reviewer who works as a contributing writer for GQ. For GQ Recommends, Tim primarily writes about home good, furniture, and smart home products. He’s tested and reviewed more products than he can count, and he currently has more robot vacuums, bed sheets, and duffel bags than he knows what to do with.

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