Cancer Horoscope June 2024: Read Your Monthly Predictions

After the weekend, you’ll have a calm and productive work week to look forward to, thanks to Mercury moving out of Gemini and into your sign on Monday, June 17, boosting your communicative abilities, not to mention charm, helping you to express your needs and desires effectively. Use this energy to assert yourself and clarify your boundaries.

Finally, get excited, and make sure to have a party planned, because Thursday, June 20 marks the start of Cancer season. Happy solar return! It’s also the Summer Solstice, coinciding with the witchy holiday of Litha (a time when they say the fairies come out of hiding to party with the humans). Celebrate your birthday and the longest day of the year by enjoying some glam leisure and even getting away for the weekend if your schedule and budget can swing it.

Your attention turns to relationships around the Capricorn full moon on Friday, June 21, which illuminates your 7th House of Partnership. This could be a pivotal day for either beginning a new professional partnership, taking a romantic relationship to the next level, or both. Full moons can be a little stressful but this one should see you manifesting something welcome and positive. It helps that, on the same day, Mercury in Cancer forms a sextile with Mars in Taurus, providing you with the clarity and assertiveness you need to express your feelings and desires openly.

The month closes with strict Saturn going retrograde in Pisces on Saturday, June 29, affecting your 9th House of Philosophy. While this retrograde isn’t worth stressing over, as you might during Mercury’s backward dance, you should be prepared to let your spiritual beliefs, and even your own moral compass, evolve and change around this time. As a cardinal water sign, meaning that you come first of all the emotional fellow water signs (Scorpio and Pisces), you’re a spiritual trendsetter. Don’t be too annoyed if self-help techniques or rituals you develop during Saturn’s retrograde are super trendy on TikTok several months after you discovered them.

Important dates in June 2024:

Monday, June 3: Mercury enters Gemini 
Thursday, June 6: New moon in Gemini 
Saturday, June 8: Mars enters Taurus
Sunday, June 16: Venus enters Cancer
Monday, June 17: Mercury enters Cancer
Wednesday, June 19: Vesta enters Leo
Thursday, June 20: Sun enters Cancer
Friday, June 21: Full moon in Capricorn 
Saturday, June 29: Saturn goes retrograde

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