Capricorn Horoscope June 2024: Read Your Monthly Predictions

Continuing themes of enjoying healthy relationships, Monday, June 17, sees Mercury moving out of Gemini and into warm Cancer. This transit facilitates deep conversations with partners, which can advance the relationship as long as you keep your cool. Although you’re typically calm and collected, when you’re really on edge, you can lose your temper. But you always regret it! Remember, Capricorn, self-care cures just about everything.

For those of you with an active sex life, know that things start to feel holy on Wednesday, June 19, when Vesta, the asteroid of sacred spirituality, enters bold Leo. This period brings a spiritual transformation to your sex life, whether you’re finding peace through discovering the right birth control option, trying some sex magic, or exploring your orientation. Remember that sex can be spiritual even if the divine aspect isn’t overt.

Whether it’s with that person you’re enjoying holy sex with or your best friends and platonic life partners, know that when the sun moves into sweet Cancer, starting on Thursday, June 20, all of your partnerships get a sprinkling of fairy dust. It helps that this day is also the Summer Solstice, which means the longest day of the year, and Midsummer, aka Litha, the witchy holiday when they say the fairies come to play with the humans. Try to carve time out of your busy schedule for an outside activity with your friends.

The full moon in your sign, Capricorn, on Friday, June 21, lights up the sky with super-abundant energy. While this lunar event can manifest positive outcomes for things you’ve been waiting on, be aware that full moons can also heighten emotions. Avoid making any drastic decisions under this moody lunation. Celebrate any wins with cozy relaxation rather than late nights and tequila shots. Or, if you opt for the latter, know that primal (and often poor) decisions may be made.

Finally, Saturday, June 29, the month starts to wrap up with your ruling planet, Saturn, going retrograde in Pisces. This shift prompts you to reconsider how you handle conversations and express yourself. You might joke that sometimes, you have an “anti-charisma” of sorts, Capricorn. While your blunt nature can be charming, check in to make sure that you aren’t coming across harsher than you intend. Have a fun Litha, and we’ll see you in July.

Important dates in June 2024:

Monday, June 3: Mercury enters Gemini 
Thursday, June 6: New moon in Gemini 
Saturday, June 8: Mars enters Taurus
Sunday, June 16: Venus enters Cancer
Monday, June 17: Mercury enters Cancer
Wednesday, June 19: Vesta enters Leo
Thursday, June 20: Sun enters Cancer
Friday, June 21: Full moon in Capricorn 
Saturday, June 29: Saturn goes retrograde

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