Charlotte Tilbury’s New Fragrances Have Me Feeling Some Type of Way

The richness of wood and the nose-grabbing spice of pepper seize attention, but as the fragrance lingers, the softness of rose and vanilla surface. “These notes round out Cosmic Power’s profile, making for a richly complex scent that lasts throughout the day,” says Lacey.

As for the amethyst-colored glass bottle, the color purple is said to symbolize balance and restoration, similar to the pull of a new moon, which is etched on the front with the Roman numeral ‘VIII’.

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury Collection of Emotions Cosmic Power

Calm Bliss

Calm Bliss full encapsulates the feeling of serenity with notes of sweet neroli oil and fresh, airy orange blossom absolute, lavender oil, and white musk entice the sensation of slipping under freshly washed linens for an ambient serene dream.

“I need all the Calm Bliss in my life,” says associate social media manager Bianca Richards. Describing the fragrance as a fusion of masculine and feminine notes, Richards found this scent to carry a very aquatic aroma that tingles her excitement for the upcoming beach days ahead.

But make no mistake, this is not a tropical scent adorned with fruity notes, like coconut and pineapple. Instead, it could be more defined as a clean, musk-driven juice that smells like the embodiment of an escape to an oceanside resort. “It reminds me of that euphoric feeling of taking a shower and resting after a long beach day,” she says.

Calm Bliss’s bottle features a blooming lotus, signifying stillness, and the Roman numerals “V1.”

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury Collection of Emotions Calm Bliss

Magic Energy

“Awaken your senses with magic in a bottle,” Tilbury says of Magic Energy. With top notes of bergamot and myrtle (a white flower), this earthy scent sweetens up with jasmine and cashmere, along with a hint of palo santo, for a sensorial walk-through-the-forest experience. You’ll notice a star and the Roman numeral “I”— both symbols that represent “grounding energy,” according to Tilbury—etched onto the vibrant emerald green bottle.

Deputy digital director Kara McGrath was jolted with nostalgia upon the first mist, picking up the familiar note of jasmine. While the fragrance is supposed to give a sense of grounding, McGrath found the fragrance more peaceful than energizing. “It’s basic in a comforting way,” she says. “The notes are familiar and pleasing, plus the scent is pretty light and soothing.”

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury Collection of Emotions Magic Energy

More Sex

This alluring scent represents exactly what you’re thinking: seductive passion. Hence why Tilbury chose a pair of lush lips as the symbol on the glass bottle, along with the Roman numeral “V,” which represents “natural magnetism and seductive energy,” she says. Sandalwood, leather, and musk are just a handful of the warm notes that make this sultry fragrance ideal for a night out.

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