Leo Horoscope June 2024: Read Your Monthly Predictions

Sunday, June 16, sees emotional Venus transitioning into Cancer, a transit that may stir deep feelings. Keep in mind that this date is also Father’s Day. While for some Leos, that’s just a sweet excuse to call your dad, it’s okay if, for you, that’s a little anxiety-provoking. It’s important to practice self-care, set boundaries, and check in with that chosen family of yours if the day brings up any weird vibes. The following day, Monday, June 17, chatty Mercury leaves Gemini and also enters Cancer, enhancing the introspective mood. This may lead to feeling a bit lethargic, urging you to listen closely to your inner voice and possibly retreat (temporarily) from the social spotlight to recharge.

Midweek, on Wednesday, June 19, the astrologically significant asteroid Vesta, which rules sacred sexuality, enters your sign. This transit is amazing for exploring sex magic, which means using your sexual energy to manifest personal desires. Just imagine that your orgasm is magical, and by visualizing what you want, whether it’s a healthy partner (while you can do sex magic with others, it’s often easiest to save it for solo play), more money, or a dream job when you get off, you’re throwing your energy towards that goal. Great witchy fun.

The Summer Solstice on Thursday, June 20 marks the sun moving into Cancer. The next few weeks are all about diving deeper into your spiritual side, Leo, whether that’s enjoying baths to connect with ancestors, getting into tarot, or going to church.

And the end of June is all about enjoying vanity. Friday, June 21 brings a full moon in hardworking Capricorn. You may feel a little overworked, so combat this energy by using this day for beauty rituals. Go as big as you desire, Leo. Schedule an appointment for a change in your hair, or opt for something more low-key, like lounging around with a face mask and a glass of wine or cup of tea. The theme of transformation continues when June comes to an end, with Saturn retrograding in Pisces and your 8th House of Sex, Death, and Transformation on Saturday, June 29. This transit continues the themes of personal overhaul, whether you’re exploring new ways to connect with the spiritual plane or just deciding to rock a new mani—which, of course, can absolutely be its own kind of spiritual experience.

Important dates in June 2024:

Monday, June 3: Mercury enters Gemini 
Thursday, June 6: New moon in Gemini 
Saturday, June 8: Mars enters Taurus
Sunday, June 16: Venus enters Cancer
Monday, June 17: Mercury enters Cancer
Wednesday, June 19: Vesta enters Leo
Thursday, June 20: Sun enters Cancer
Friday, June 21: Full moon in Capricorn 
Saturday, June 29: Saturn goes retrograde

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