Leo Horoscope May 2024: Read Your Monthly Predictions

A notable astrological event occurs on Saturday, May 18 when the sun, your ruling planetary body, conjuncts lucky Jupiter. This aspect supercharges your energy and confidence. Rather than channeling this vitality into your job, though, consider putting it toward enjoying life’s pleasures. It’s a perfect time for social activities like dancing with friends or allowing yourself to get into a little trouble. Go ahead and stay up past your bedtime.

As Gemini season begins on Monday, May 20, your social life gets another boost. Continuing themes that we’ve already seen during May, the following weeks are ideal for investing in friendships and enjoying the lighter side of life. Work may take a backseat during this period, but that’s perfectly acceptable. Life is not all about the hustle. Girl boss culture is out; lazy picnics are in.

The full moon on Thursday, May 23, in bold Sagittarius, reminds you just how good staying in bed can feel. If you’re romantically involved, you may feel extra turned on around this time. Embrace this passionate energy, and if you’re single, or just kind of turned off by other people at the moment, perhaps treat yourself to a sex toy or luscious new skin care.

Also on Thursday, May 23, loving Venus glides into social butterfly Gemini, giving special power to your friendships. Fair warning: Some Leos will find themselves catching romantic feelings for a friend around this time. If that doesn’t sound like you, perhaps the best use of this energy is deriving style inspiration from your best friend. You’re never too old to coordinate outfits or makeup.

The month starts to wrap up when expansive Jupiter moves into Gemini on Saturday, May 25. This social transit is all about partying and having fun. Why not live it up this weekend, or better yet, for the rest of the month? Put all the rest you got toward good, frivolous fun. We’ll see you in June.

Important dates in May 2024:

Thursday, May 2: Pluto goes retrograde in Aquarius
Tuesday, May 7: New moon in Taurus
Tuesday, May 14: Ceres goes retrograde in Capricorn
Wednesday, May 15: Mercury enters Taurus
Thursday, May 16: Pallas retrograde enters Scorpio
Monday, May 20: Sun enters Gemini
Thursday, May 23: Full moon in Sagittarius
Thursday, May 23: Venus enters Gemini

To see monthly predictions for another zodiac sign, check out our full list of May 2024 horoscopes.

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