Sagittarius Horoscope April 2024: Read Your Monthly Predictions

Read your sign’s 2024 horoscope to see what’s in store for you this year, or check out the Sagittarius personality profile.

Welcome to April, Sagittarius. You’re probably still feeling the echoes of last month’s lunar eclipse, which nudged you toward a digital detox amidst its chaos. Now, with Mercury retrograde set to stir up technology and fray nerves, you might find solace in continuing to step back for your peace of mind. Monday, April 1 sees Mercury spinning backward in Aries, impacting your 5th House of Pleasure. This might lead to creative blocks, but there are some tricks to navigate around this. Going old-school with journaling, diving into meditation, or ramping up your physical activity could be your keys to unlocking new ideas. And it’s also a great excuse to step back. Sometimes, hitting pause is exactly what you need to accelerate forward.

By Thursday, April 4, pretty Venus moves into Aries, showering your love life and financial matters with potential growth. Despite the backdrop of Mercury’s mischief, this period is ripe for savoring life’s small pleasures and finding joy in the moment. With Venus’ nudge, slow down, breathe in the spring air, and perhaps even literally stop and smell the flowers.

The Monday, April 8 new moon and solar eclipse in Aries inject an extra dose of unpredictability, especially with Mercury still in retrograde. While lunar eclipses like last month’s can mean sudden endings, solar eclipses, while stressful, can lead to unexpected new beginnings. Whether it’s a rom-com-style meet-cute while running errands in your PJs or stumbling upon your dream job, let the universe surprise you. Just tread carefully and accept that now is a time of contemplation; making big decisions is ideally done later in the month after the shadow of the eclipse has passed and Mercury is direct.

Friday, April 19 marks the sun’s entry into grounded and luxurious Taurus, a period meant for indulgence and self-reflection. It’s the perfect season for spring makeup, and also a good time to take care of regular wellness visits. Taurus season encourages you to find balance; allowing for leisure and rest is vital for breaking through any creative blocks you’ve encountered. Stay in on Tuesday, April 23, when the full moon in Scorpio brings a surge of emotional intensity. It’s perfectly okay, Sagittarius, to decline social invitations on this night. Embrace the comfort of your own space, knowing that recharging your batteries is essential and that everyone else will understand.

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