Sagittarius Horoscope August 2022 — Love and Career Predictions

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Welcome to August, SagittariusLast month, your ruling planet, lucky Jupiter, went retrograde, starting you on a spiritual journey and potentially causing shakeups in your social group. This month, during the Aquarius full moon on Thursday, August 11, you begin to see changes within your friendships. Full moons are a powerful time of culmination. For instance, perhaps you recently went through a breakup. This lunation may remind you that breakups can change your friend circle, which can be sad but is also necessary. Or, perhaps you’re just outgrowing your current social circle. Be easy with yourself around this time, Sagittarius. You may be the archer of the zodiac and an independent fire sign, but changes in friendships are hard on everyone.

Let’s put platonic relationships aside for a moment and talk about your love life. Circle Thursday, August 18, in your calendar because this date could be huge for romance. The lover planet Venus trines (a favorable astrological aspect) your ruling planet, lucky Jupiter. As a result, there’s new relationship energy, or NRE, all around, even if you’re in a long-term relationship. You feel like a kid falling in love, full of hope and innocence. Boundaries are essential, Sag, but sometimes yours turn into walls that block people out. Around this date, work on letting your guard down, being vulnerable, and letting love in. This is an ideal time for a first date or reconnecting sexually with a long-term partner. 

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August looks to be an epic month for your love life. When Mars, the warrior planet that rules hot sex, enters flirty Gemini on Saturday, August 20, you feel playful and childlike, allowing you to appreciate your current relationships. So consider taking a weekend getaway with your partner or exploring sexual fantasies. This transit encourages you to try anything out of your usual routine. And, if you’re single, there couldn’t be a better time to hit the town and use your Sagittarius powers of charisma to get your flirt on. 

When dedicated Virgo season begins on Monday, August 22, your professional life may get busier, and the summer starts to fade away. You may feel some late-summertime sadness around this time, after all the fun that fellow fire sign Leo season brought. However, remember, Sag, you’re the sign of higher learning, and no, that doesn’t mean you need a Ph.D. However, it does mean that you crave intellectual stimulation. So allow yourself to focus more on creative projects, work, and philosophy for the next few weeks. Things are steady and safe in your personal life, and those around you will also be busy in back-to-school mode.

On Wednesday, August 24, Uranus, the rebel of the zodiac, goes retrograde for roughly five months. This retrograde happens yearly, so there won’t be any significant changes to look out for, but it will aid in the transformation of your friend circle. By the time this retrograde ends, you’ll be closer with new people and feel understanding about any acquaintances that naturally ran their course. Finally, when the month comes to a close with a dark new moon in Virgo on Saturday, August 27, you see yourself having fun with friends, likely new friends, reminding you that any social life shakeups are for the best. You’re evolving, Sag. Make sure to stop and appreciate everyone who loves you, from your friends to your lovers. See you next month! 

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