Sagittarius Horoscope May 2024: Read Your Monthly Predictions

In the theme of thinking positively, a notable celestial event occurs on Saturday, May 18, as the sun conjuncts lucky Jupiter, your ruling planet. This fortuitous alignment in your chart showers you with good fortune and a burst of optimism. Harness this energy to chase your dreams. Consider this a star assignment to pursue your goals with confidence. Shake off that self-doubt and remember that you deserve it, Sag.

The sun moves into Gemini on Monday, May 20. The coming weeks will focus heavily on your relationships. If you’re in the new stage of a partnership, expect the chemistry to amplify. Some Sags will enjoy new commitments, whether you’re agreeing to monogamy, marriage, or whatever relationship format makes your heart sing. This applies to platonic relationships as well, so enjoy a deepening of your friendships.

The full moon on Thursday, May 23, in your sign, Sagittarius, brings a climax of energy that’s both potent and a bit chaotic. Full moons, which represent culminations, especially when it’s in your sign, can lead to significant developments or news. Keep your eye on your inbox for a note you’ve been waiting on as it pertains to your career or a creative project. This lunation can also be a bit anxiety-provoking, as noted, so it’s okay if you want to rest up and take it easy this night.

Also on Thursday, May 23, pretty Venus, the planet of love, enters Gemini and enhances the influence on your 7th House of Partnership. This transit continues the month’s theme of deepening existing relationships or transforming casual connections into something more serious. And remember, this applies to friendships strengthening, too. Lastly, your ruler Jupiter also enters Gemini later in the month, on Saturday, May 25. In doing so, it continues to emphasize the importance of relationships in your life. With Jupiter’s expansive touch, expect growth, and remember to embrace it, not run from it, Sag. Enjoy, and we’ll see you in June.

Important dates in May 2024:

Thursday, May 2: Pluto goes retrograde in Aquarius
Tuesday, May 7: New moon in Taurus
Tuesday, May 14: Ceres goes retrograde in Capricorn
Wednesday, May 15: Mercury enters Taurus
Thursday, May 16: Pallas retrograde enters Scorpio
Monday, May 20: Sun enters Gemini
Thursday, May 23: Full moon in Sagittarius
Thursday, May 23: Venus enters Gemini

To see monthly predictions for another zodiac sign, check out our full list of May 2024 horoscopes.

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