Style Strategies: Benjamin Edgar Gott, An Object Company Founder

Describe your style in five words or less.

Dark blue merino.

What’s the common approach you use for all your projects?

Powered by curiosity. Like an insanely deep curiosity.

Curiosity seems to be evident in all that you do. Why is it important to always be a student in whatever you’re doing?

It’s the fountain of youth. You’re either expanding or atrophying. I think your desire to learn, your depth of curiosity, is directly related to how passionate you are about something.

Can you talk more about the process of the stainless steel hanger? How do you decide which objects to create?

The hanger work started with the marble ones. It really came from my time when I was doing more traditional fashion, and cut-sew clothing. My designs were really reduced—no logos, marks, etc—and I needed something to make my garments stand out on the rack. While no store ever let me do my marble hangers, the idea shaped how I view the idea of a product’s ability to “communicate” a large story almost instantly with its sheer existence. The stainless steel version is made using a process called waterjet cutting. It’s almost poetic. The idea of a bit of water and grit being able to cut through a solid stainless steel plate with such precision.

What’s the best thing you’ve bought under $20 recently?

This is a fun question. This sock company, Knest Knit, is just amazing. They’re often sold out, but reach out to them via DM/email as they often have stock around.

Knest Knit Cushion crew socks

Cushion crew socks,
$27 by Knest Knit

Staub Cast iron five-quart Dutch oven

Cast iron
five-quart Dutch oven,
$198 / $179 by Staub

What was the item that you thought about the longest before buying?

I really don’t shop a lot, and when I do I’m fairly compulsive/direct in what I want. Honestly, it was probably a Staub pot that I use on the rare occasion when making pasta at home.

Staub Cast iron five-quart Dutch oven

Cast iron
five-quart Dutch oven,
$198 / $179 by Staub

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