The 30 Best Vintage Menswear Stores in America

What’s In Stock: Antique silver jewelry, local construction company tees, handmade ceramics, and—yes—a nice grip of real-deal aloha shirts.

The Vibe: The easy, breezy surf shack of your dreams, filled with some of the sickest art and curios on the island.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Courtesy of Stickball

Courtesy of Stickball

What’s In Stock: Character-filled goods mainly from the ’30s to the ’60s—like a 1948 pinup oil painting with an “imperfect face [that] makes you laugh when you see it” or a black moleskin chore coat with “just the right amount of wear and mending that gives it the perfect patina.”

The Vibe: Quirky and off-kilter, like an early Wim Wenders movie in boutique form.

Los Angeles, California

Courtesy of Varsity

What’s In Stock: Perfectly faded hoodies and tasty Levi’s jeans mixed in with coveted pieces from the likes of Stone Island, Supreme, and Issey Miyake. (Don’t sleep on the shop’s solid in-house label, either, which pumps out raw denim, tees, and printed mesh shorts.)

The Vibe: A perfect distillation of how modern guys actually dress: a little bit of true vintage here, some fresh archival designer pieces there, and a handful of none-too-fussy essentials to round things out.

Allston, Massachusetts

Courtesy of Vivant Vintage

What’s In Stock: Collegiate sweatshirts, dusty double-knee pants, and a plethora of retro sportswear.

The Vibe: Enter through the door at the center of a trippy, technicolor mural and you’ll be transported to a world of hardy Carhartt jackets, funky jewelry, and enough chunky cardigans to make Kurt Cobain’s head spin.

Tuckahoe, NY

Courtesy of Wooden Sleepers

Courtesy of Wooden Sleepers

What’s In Stock: Everything you’d toss into a woodie wagon for a weekend upstate—corduroy-collar hunting jackets, burly chamois shirts, perfectly cropped down vests.

The Vibe: Long before the vintage Americana boom, Wooden Sleepers founder Brian M. Davis was cherry-picking the best of it for his customers, an appreciation, he says, informed by his “upbringing on the idyllic North Fork of Long Island.” A decade-plus into his run as New York’s preeminent authority on retro sportswear, his appointment-only showroom is the best reason to brave the Metro-North out of the city.

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