What It’s Really Like to Be a Watch Brand Publicist During Awards Season

What It’s Really Like to Be a Watch Brand Publicist During Awards Season

They are getting way more sophisticated. We’ve seen this shift happening over the last three years that they are now, yes, interested. But it’s a double-edged sword because now they want more unique stuff. They want inaccessible stuff. The requests are more particular and they don’t just take whatever we send them. This has been a really big shift within the last three years.

Also, watch culture is growing among celebrities. Now, celebrities come to you more frequently looking for a deal.

A stylist I spoke with mentioned that certain celebrities now pose showing off the watch to essentially audition for these ambassadorships.

We find it hilarious and I love that, to be honest. We love those people because then for sure you’re going to get an email saying they’re interested in collaborating with you. So that is extremely rewarding to see that celebrities are actually pushing and working towards that goal of working with us.

How many watches over the course of award season do you think you end up gifting?

So not that much. Before I was in this business, I would’ve thought that all the watches were gifted. But that’s not the case at all. We might gift one to two watches to select celebrities, but this year our brand probably gifted one.

Is there a memorable example when you sent a watch to a stylist and the talent didn’t end up wearing it? Like, is there a most annoying miss?

There are a lot. And we get pissed because oftentimes stylists don’t have the time to tell us that a watch was selected or not selected because it’s also their busiest time. So we have to sit down in front of the TV and do some watch spotting with our laptop to see if a watch gets selected.

Are you always sending out functioning watches, or are any of these dummy prototype samples?

Always functioning. It breaks my heart when they don’t set the time on them.

Is there one award show that matters the most to you? Or are they all equal in your eyes?

We love the Emmys, Golden Globes, SAG Awards, and Oscars. Those are the four most important but we care about all of them. Obviously, the Oscars and the Vanity Fair afterparty are important because everyone talks about those. The Oscars are also the time [celebs] want to wear their best dress, their best outfit, and their best watches. So it’s a little easier to place during the Oscars.

Is there competition and animosity with other brands when you’re trying to place a watch?

So yes, definitely competition, however, the competition is no longer fair. Obviously there is always healthy competition between brands of the same size and budget. But then you have certain brands coming in that snatch all the current celebrities and influencers. [One brand] is offering six-figure contracts just for award season.

I would say any brand in its right mind would not be using that amount of money for this. Some money makes sense—we are still here to support the livelihood of stylists and of those actors who might have their big break for a year.

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