What the March 2024 Lunar Eclipse in Libra Could Mean for You

They are powerful points of karmic vibration. The North Node points to what we’re here to learn, develop and expand into. The South points to our innate gifts and talents, which we may take for granted, as well as our deep seated bad habits and limiting beliefs. Eclipses trigger these points and that is why they can be so powerful, pushing us forward into a new destiny, or allowing for deep letting go. This eclipse is on the South Node so it’s about releasing some of those habits.

What does a lunar eclipse in Libra mean?

While all eclipses are, by nature, unpredictable, the sign it is in can give us some clues as to what lessons the eclipse might bring — though I’ll note that astrology is a symbolic language, so please don’t take these things too literally. Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac, the exact halfway point of the 12 signs. Fittingly, Libra is a sign that, at its core, wants to create harmony.

Libra is a cardinal sign which means they are natural leaders, good at starting things and getting projects off the ground. As an air sign, Libras are associated with the intellect and exchange of ideas. Put those together and you have a sign known for their charm, love of beauty and art, and ability to keep peace and find solutions that benefit everyone. There is something about Libras; they are just so likable! A lunar eclipse in Libra can be a deep, emotionally-charged exploration of these themes.

What else is going on during this particular eclipse?

During this eclipse, we have an abundance of planets (figuratively) in the water: Mars, Saturn, Venus, and Neptune are all in Pisces. That means this is liable to be a very emotional eclipse with a lot of internal processing going on; Pisces loves being in its own dream world. Pisces is also a sign that can self-sacrifice and be a bit of a martyr. This might be a time where you realize the ways in which you’re being your own worst enemy. But, once you recognize those patterns, this can also be a time when you learn to let them go.

As is true with most eclipses, there is no air in the chart during this one, save for Pluto in Aquarius. A lack of air signs means we may not be thinking clearly and instead reacting from a hurt, emotional place. This next advice is going to be a bit contradictory, so please bear with me. On the one hand, watch out for being impulsive, acting without thinking, and being too stuck in your own world to see the bigger picture clearly. On the other hand, if you do say or do something you can’t take back, it was likely supposed to happen.

How do you know if this lunar eclipse will be significant for you?

Not every eclipse will be monumental for you personally. One way to ascertain the importance of this particular eclipse is to look at eclipses from your personal past that were also in early Libra. You can find a list of every single Libra eclipse that has happened in the past few hundred years here and here, but as a quick reference, two early Libra eclipses in recent times were a Libra solar eclipse in October 2005, and lunar eclipse in Libra in March 2016. Our most recent Libra eclipse while in later degrees, was on October 14, 2023. If any of these dates were significant for you, it may mean this eclipse is a continuation of that story. For instance: If one or a few of these dates correlates with a big life change, realization, ending or beginning — a move, a breakup, a job change, a birth, a spiritual awakening, etc. — then whatever theme was active then may come up again (albeit in a different way). If none of this rings any bells, this one may not be big for you — and that’s ok!

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